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Welcome to TheBrickZone! Empty Welcome to TheBrickZone!

Post  DAK101010 on Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:22 am

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for joining! Feel free to post anywhere, but remember that the posts in any forum must be relevant and on topic. Read the description of a forum before posting on it. Anything off topic will be moved by an admin to the correct forum, and any spam will be deleted. Spam includes advertisements or extremely short/hateful or vulgar posts. The only exception to a short post is if it has a video embedded. Here are some things to keep in mind while posting:

The Website - Anything about TheBrickZone.com. If you have any suggestions, questions, or anything to say about the website, THIS is where you say it.

Introduce Yourself - The posts here should all be either Introductions or something related to letting other people know more about yourself. Some good things to include in introduction posts are your first name, age, Youtube account (if you have one), and why you joined TheBrickZone.

Brickfilms - How to embed Youtube videos: Embedding Youtube videos is posting them as a video, not as a link. To do this, click the button that looks like a strip of film above the post. Copy/paste the link to your Youtube video into the bar and click "Ok". You may then type anything else around it, or maybe even post another video.

[Community] General - You can talk about anything you want.

That about clears it up for the forums that aren't already self-explanatory. Thanks for joining, and happy posting!

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