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Post  slipperystudios on Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:37 pm

HAI THAR!! My name is Jake otherwise known as Jacob otherwise known as slipperystudios otherwise known as DocterPlatypus Razz I love to create brickfilms for people to enjoy. I want to major in film when I'm grown up and is a BIG MAN Razz as you may know I am very VERY very random and so is DAK101010 but he holds it in on his posts. Just look at his videos and you will see his awesome randown hilarious-ness Razz anyway DAK101010 asked me to work on this site for him. I work on the graphics such as the banner and buttons, and he fixes the bugs and is in charge of the categories and stuff. Well that's all I have to say! Enjoy TheBrickZone!

-slipperystudios santa

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